Very happy with this product and I would purchase it again!

I have had this water heater for a year. I have recommended this water heater to many people and will use it in my future home.

I like it but don't put it to far from the point of use, and don't run the water slow as the shower will turn cold very fast. I like to save water too not just electric and this heater makes you run the water too fast to keep the thing heating.

Great hot water when you want it. Need to know how to solder copper pipes and install breakers. Saving water and energy.

Water heat blows up. It is the best tankless water heater amazon I have had period.

I really like this tank less water heater! Saw other posts about this unit and that consumers liked it, so I gave it a shot. Granite, I have only had it for a few months, but right off the bat I have to say that it was super easy to install, super easy to understand, and I swear it heats my water faster than my Power star did.

I don't like that you are supposed to have so called professionals install it for warranty coverage when I could have taken more care doing it myself. You only have to run 3 power wires to 3 breakers and hook up the water.

This is literally the smartest thing we purchased for our new home ... never run out of hot water is correct ... and takes up no space ... hubby will take a 30 minute shower and it rains hot water on his during the entire time ... I can do dishes immediately after and still hot water streaming out non-stop ... we can run the water in the sink and do the washing at the same time with little interruption of the water pressure ... its very important to make certain you get the right size for your home ... we have a 2 bedroom 1 bath and this is more than perfect we would probably need a larger size when we move and build our next home since it will have 3 bedroooms and 2 bathrooms but after using this technology we will never go back to a tank water heater and we are saving a ton of money by not having to heat the entire tank of water all the time.

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